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All vets, active duty and family members receive 20% off discounts of total services.

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The most easy question, yet!. It is FREE. That is right, If you are not satisfied with our services 100%. A full refund will be placed immediately.

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What Is A 4-Point Inspection and is it relevant?

Four (4) Point inspections consists of a limited visual survey of the following:

Heating/Air conditioning system




The purpose of the inspection is to determine the approximate age, general condition, and remaining lifespan of these systems.

With regards to the insurance company, they are generally looking to see if your property has been updated to current standards and is in good condition. After Hurricane Andrew, Insurance Companies in Florida started to encourage home owners to make their homes safer and reduce insurance claims. Today, most if not all of the insurance companies and JUA (Joint Underwriting Association) request or require Four Point Inspections for homes older than 30 years.

As of 09/01/12, a 4 point insurance inspection is required by Citizen’s Insurance Company on every home 30 years or older in order to obtain a new insurance policy or renew an existing policy.

*It is important to remember that this is a limited visual inspection and does not replace a home inspection, such as for a purchase or sale (listing inspection).

What is aluminum wiring and how can it be hazardous?

What is the big deal with polybutylene plumbing?

What is a wind mitigation inspection?

A Wind Mitigation Inspection verifies the construction details of your home and is used to qualify for discounts on your insurance premium. The better your house is built to withstand Wind Damage, the more discounts you will qualify for each year.

A wind mitigation inspection is a type of home inspection. The purpose of a wind mitigation inspection is to determine the appropriateness of a given structure's construction in the event of strong winds, such as those present in a hurricane.

A homeowner with windstorm insurance can often submit the results of a windstorm inspection to their insurer to obtain discounts on their windstorm insurance. In Florida premium discounts for certain favorable wind mitigation features are mandated by State law and can sometimes show savings that up to 45% of the original policy's premium.