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Four Point Inspection Service

Suppose you're looking for an accurate four point inspection service of your property. In that case, Abroad Home Solutions LLC has a team of professional inspectors who are equipped with the best tools and most modern techniques and strategies to conduct a thorough property inspection. Our home inspectors will also provide you with a fully comprehensive and detailed report afterward to inform you of our findings. When having a four-point inspection completed on your new home, the licensed inspector will examine the following systems:

  1. HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning): Does your home have air conditioning and central heating? If so, what condition are the units in, and are there obvious signs of leakage?
  2. Electrical: Do you know the type of wiring running throughout your house? Homes with aluminum, knob-and-tube, and copper wiring present increased fire hazard risks and are commonly uninsurable.
  3. Plumbing: Are the pipes in your home made of polybutylene, which is known to cause leakage problems? Inspectors will examine pipes to gauge their likelihood of bursting, which could lead to water damage.
  4. Roofing: Is there apparent shingle damage or cracked tiling on your roof? Inspectors will be looking to determine the age, material, and life expectancy of the roofing system.

For more information about our home inspections and landscaping services, contact us at Abroad Home Solutions LLC today.